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*Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, a US territory.


How it Works

  • The Coop will start initially as a group buying network where members allow us to place orders on their behalf. We will use the growing power of the group to negotiate better prices and shipping terms in the future.

  • Right now, membership is FREE. Members pay a $5/month membership fee.

  • All orders will be charged a 10% administrative fee to cover the expenses incurred by Global Sourcing in
    - collecting and compiling all member orders
    - locating suppliers
    - arranging delivery terms
    - negotiating bulk discounts
    - picking up shipments from Post Office
    - sorting and storing/holding for pickup

    Additional order-placing details, as well as access to the "Members Only" area of the website will be provided once you join.

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    Shopping List

    -------------------------------- FOOD PREPARATION ------------

    REPLACE: Aluminum, non-stick pans, teflon-coated
    WHY: Because aluminum causes Alzheimer's, and the chemicals used in non-stick pots and pans result in toxicity in the body. MORE: a magnet will stick to a stainless steel pot; it will not stick to an aluminum pot

    USE:: lightly Steamed food
    REPLACE: Deep frying in fat and oil, frying,
    WHY: retains the enzymes and nutritional value of the food; reduces acidity in the system which leads to free radical damage (i.e. cancer) high cholesterol, risk of heart attacks, etc.

    USE:: Raw food
    REPLACE: overly cooked food

    USE:: Environmentally friendly Detergents, Dishwashing liquid
    REPLACE: non-bio degradable detergents
    WHY: pollutes ground water and increases toxicity
    -------------------------------- HOW TO EAT ------------

    USE:: Eat when hungry; perhaps one main meal per day
    REPLACE: 3 or more meals per day
    WHY: Eating just for habit stresses the body and doesn't allow it to rest, heal and purge.
    -------------------------------- WATER ------------

    USE:: Bottled, purified or distilled water
    REPLACE: Tap water
    WHY: reduce exposure to ecoli, fecal matter, heavy metals, ground water contamination
    -------------------------------- SUGGESTED REPLACEMENTS ------------

    REPLACE: table salt
    WHY: Because table salt is processed and often contains sugar. (Look at a typical box of table salt and you might see dextrose, sucrose or some other sugar as part of the ingredients)

    USE:: Wheat flour, spelt flour
    REPLACE: White flour
    WHY: processed, white flour is stripped of its nutrients and causes mucus build-up in the body.

    USE:: Organic maple syrup, honey, agave or stevia
    REPLACE: white Sugar, artificial sweeteners
    WHY: The greatest culprit in man's deteriorating health, children's hyperactivity, hormone imbalance, diabetes and a host of other ills too numerous to mention here.

    USE:: Brown or wild rice
    REPLACE: white rice
    WHY: Just like white flour, white rice is stripped of its nutrients and causes mucus build-up in the body.

    USE:: Millet, Quinoa
    REPLACE: rice, potatoes
    WHY: Millet and Quinoa are grains that you can use to add to your meal just as you would use rice. They are high in protein and are not as acid-forming as starchy rice, potatoes and pasta.

    USE:: Organic Fruits
    REPLACE: mass market, supermarket fruits.
    WHY: Organic fruits and vegetables have more nutrients and less pesticides TIP: SKU numbers on the little stickers on organic fruits start with the number "9." All the fruits you'll find on Saipan start with the number "4" which are grown in the mass market, sprayed, non-organic way.

    USE:: Apple Cider Vinegar
    REPLACE: Grain, white vinegar
    WHY: Grain vinegar is very caustic to the system. Organic Apple Cider vinegar, "Braggs" brand has tremendous curative and therapeutic benefits.

    USE:: Soy milk, Rice milk, Oat Milk
    REPLACE: cow's milk
    WHY: Just like processed white sugar, white rice, and white flour, milk aggravates allergies, causes mucus buildup, makes the system acidic and contains tons of the antibiotics, steroids and other chemicals injected into and fed to the cows. There are many who believe that, taking a tip from nature, that no other animal drinks the milk of another species. Picture yourself out in a field on all fours, suckling at the udder of a cow, and you'll appreciate the abnormality of the concept. TIP: check out

    USE:: Coconut oil
    REPLACE: Canola or "vegetable" oil
    WHY: If you must fry and cook your food, coconut oil retains its molecular structure even at high temperatures. The breakdown of other types of oils at high temperatures result in toxic build-up of carcinogens (cancer causing agents) in the body. (Grapeseed oil is another good alternative).

    USE:: Less meat or meat alternatives
    REPLACE: meat
    WHY: Even your regular doctor will tell you that cutting down on meat will reduce cholesterol and risk of heart attack. I'll save the vegetarian discussion for another time! :-)

    USE:: dairy-free alternatives and substitutes

    USE:: wheat-free alternatives and substitutes

    USE:: pesticide-free alternatives

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    Hi Walt,
    Thanks for this GREAT service! We're definitely in! Will the coop be working on fresh fruit and produce also? ...Like yourself, I'm a proponent of a vegan diet, and I help my patients with weight loss through Dr. Fuhrman's book Eat to Live. We have copies at our office if you want to browse through them. I think you would enjoy knowing about it. With best regards.--
    David Khorram, MD
    Marianas Eye Institute
    Express Glasses - Contacts
    Medical Eye Care - Surgery & Laser

    Thank you for this opportunity! I have a long list!
    --Lynda Rowe

    That is wonderful that you got together with some people willing to ship here. If it doesn't include grains, I found a place through a dropship source directory dropships organic grains. That might be pricey but it's worth looking into I guess in the future if things like that don't work out. Even if the coop is still in its idea-phase, I've been trying to help spread the word. We bumped into an older couple during our Sunday brunch last week and I was telling them about the listing on my blog so that they could sign up for the coop. When they mentioned organic food and Joeten, I thought for sure they'd be interested.

    Thank you for putting the coop together. My heart goes out to the health of the people here, especially my relatives and the steep prices they pay. I know you will make a huge difference here on the island and I want to thank you in advance for having a desire to help people.

    Take care, --Franicia

    KUDOS Walt. Good for you for spearheading this venture. Keep me posted on the progress. I'd love to get a coop like the one in Bklyn here in West Orange. Any advice?
    --Judy in West Orange, NJ, USA.

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