Date: September 30, 2006 9:57:30 PM GMT+10:00
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Hi All!
I am so excited! The kick-off meeting of the founding members of the Pacific Island Food Coop
took place tonight Sept 30, 2006, and what a historic event it was! If you weren't there,
you missed something quite inspiring, informative and productive! Here's an overview:
(See end of email for "OUR NEXT STEPS!")

First, for those of you who may not have known what we've been planning, here is an overview from the website.

MISSION: The Pacific Island Food Coop on Saipan [will be] a non-profit, member-owned and operated, food cooperative which offers real food (what others call health food) at reasonable prices. We feature non-Genetically modified (Non-GMO), preservative-free, sugar-free, wheat-free, MSG-free, gluten-free, pesticide-free, meat-free, environmentally-friendly, sustainable, organic food, as well as bio-degradable, cruelty-free, recyclable household products from individuals and companies who care about our planet and who share a unique view of real health.
If you share the growing view that real health and wellness doesn't come in the form of factory-made, genetically altered things in boxes or cans, or from pills with multiple side-effects but from a return to what's natural, and if you have certain natural products you'd like to order or see on our shelves, then please complete the registration form below and join with us!

STRATEGY: We're going to start first with cooperative purchasing which simply means our members
will submit their shopping list, pay in advance and we'll place orders with specific suppliers. As we
grow, we'll expand to getting larger and larger shipments and discounts.

Learn more at www.saipanpreneur.com/coop. Now, for the meeting minutes and results.

Our New Shipping Coordinator is Irene Lomosod.
We intend to pool the power and resources of our growing membership to
meet our members' wishes and eventually to be able to negotiate better prices for the products we wish to see
here on Saipan. Irene, therefore, will be coordinating the member
orders and placing them on a regular basis with our suppliers. She will
also be monitoring the growth to help us transition to having our own
containers of healthy, organic products shipped directly to our "warehouse."

Our new Organic Farming Coordinator is Franicia White.
We believe that our local farmers will be one of our most important
allies in helping to offer healthier food to the people of Saipan.
Franicia, therefore, will be spearheading the campaign to introduce
alternatives to pesticides, herbicides and other environmentally
harmful farming techniques currently in use.

Our information Coordinator is Walt Goodridge.
We believe that given more information, people will
make different choices. Walt will be responsible for
collecting, compiling and presenting information on alternative
products, services, websites, books, programs, etc. for dissemination
to membership, media and archiving all of it on our website.

The following online resources provide healthy alternatives, vegetarian and vegan
items, organic products, non-Genetically modified foods. All of them (through their
relationship with Amazon.com) ship to US Protectorates which include Guam, Hawaii,
and the CNMI!
- Amazon.com
- ShopNatural.com
- VitaminShoppe.com Through amazon ships to US Protectorates
- Organicpharmacy.org
- NewLifeVitamins.com
- BarryFarm.com 
- Rawfood.com
- celticeasalt.com

Members are obviously free to go to these retailers and place
orders themselves. However, we encourage you to contact Irene and
place your order through the Coop so that we can, save on shipping,
grow in strength, and achieving bargaining power that will help us
with larger future orders.

*If you know of any others, please share with the group

We understand that at the basis of all of this is an awareness
that one's current dietary choices may not be in one's best interest.
For that we need a concerted information campaign to introduce
new ideas and dispel old ones, all with a certain degree of
cultural sensitivity. For that, the website, the emails and
a CD I'll be putting together will introduce some new ideas
that people can share with their friends, family and coworkers.
Stay tuned!

It's a known fact that prior to contact with modern Western diet and lifestyle, the prototypical
Polynesian body-type, vitality and health was in far better shape than it is today. One
of our Pacific Food Coop Members, Curt Klemstein, offered some information on something
called the Waianae Diet which is being used in Hawaii to return modern Hawaiians to those
days.  Here are two summaries from two different sites that I found by doing a search on Google.
It's ideas like this put into practice that the Pacific Island Food Coop supports and
intends to encourage if not facilitate here in the CNMI, Guam and other islands! If you know
someone with Diabetes, you may want to do some of your own research and share with them!

1.The Waianae Diet Program is a community-based intervention strategy designed to be culturally
appropriate by using a pre-Western-contact Hawaiian diet to reduce chronic-disease risk factors in
Native Hawaiians. This paper describes a trial of the traditional Hawaiian diet fed ad libitum to
Native Hawaiians with multiple risk factors for cardiovascular disease to assess its effect on
obesity and cardiovascular risk factors. Twenty Native Hawaiians were placed on a pre-Western-contact
Hawaiian diet for 21 d. The diet was low in fat (7%), high in complex carbohydrates (78%), and moderate
in protein (15%). Participants were encouraged to eat to satiety. Average energy intake decreased from
10.86 MJ (2594 kcal)/d to 6.57 MJ (1569 kcal)/d. Average weight loss was 7.8 kg (P less than 0.0001)
and average serum cholesterol decreased 0.81 mmol/L (P less than 0.001) from 5.76 to 4.95 mmol/L.
Blood pressure decreased an average of 11.5 mm Hg systolic (P less than 0.001) and 8.9 mm Hg diastolic (P less than 0.001).

2. The Waianae Diet Program: a culturally sensitive, community-based obesity and clinical intervention program for the Native Hawaiian population.
Shintani T, Beckham S, O'Connor HK, Hughes C, Sato A.
Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center, Hawaii.

The Waianae Diet Program (WDP) is a community-based program designed at the Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health
Center in response to the high rates of obesity and chronic disease among Native Hawaiians. Its foundation is a
3-week program of traditional Hawaiian diet and cultural teachings. It employs 8 innovations in clinical nutrition
and health promotion theory: 1. Non-calorie restricted weight loss protocol, 2. Dietary clinical intervention,
3. Cultural sensitivity, 4. Transition diet, 5. Whole-person approach, 6. Group ohana (family) support,
7. Community intervention, and 8. Role modeling. It has demonstrated significant weight loss with no calorie restriction,
improvement in blood pressure, serum glucose, and serum lipids. It appears to have wide acceptance in the Hawaiian community.
More studies are warranted to determine the long-term effect of this program.


1. I'll be sending a Suggested Shopping List to the group shortly.

2. You may do your own research by visiting some of the sites
mentioned in the Online Retailers list and developing your own wish list.

3. KICKOFF: We will be placing our first order for members' products on Oct 20th. 
If you already know what you wish to order, please contact Irene at irenebdi@yahoo.com and
provide her with a list. She'll get back to you within a few days with prices. after which you'll have 
a few days to get the funds to her. 

P.S. Good news! You're a "member" until we formalize that process some time soon.

Our founding members came with so many great ideas, that I can't begin
to list them all there. There are quite a number which we'll be implementing
over the next few weeks and months. So again, stay tuned.  

Walt Goodridge
Acting Membership Coordinator

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