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Subject: from Walt...South Pacific Food Coop Suggested Shopping List! Final email unless you sign  up

Hey all,

As promised, I wanted to quickly get you some information to get
you started as you check out sites like www.shopnatural.com,
vitaminshoppe.com, and Amazon.com to prepare your order
for our first health food purchase coming up Oct 20! 

Next, I'll send you a few samples of actual shopping member shopping
lists as well as my own, so you can see actual products, quantities
and purchase prices. 

IMPORTANT Meanwhile, this email is being sent to pretty much everyone I've met
here on Saipan. But I respect the fact that you didn't sign up to
receive health information from me, so THIS IS THE LAST EMAIL
YOU'LL RECEIVE unless you actually sign up to be on the Food Coop list
or unless you reply to this email and tell me to add you to the Coop List.


A Beginner's Guide

Everything that we suggest and promote through the
Pacific Island Coop is offered based on a simple underlying premise. It's important
that we're all on the same page as it relates to this premise so the suggestions
will make sense. The premise is this:

"There is a natural, safer, healthier way to plant, grow, harvest, preserve, store, prepare
and consume the food we eat. These methods result in food and encourages a lifestyle which
reduces exposure to harmful chemicals, provides the body the nutrients it really needs to
reverse illness, heal itself, increase energy, improve the immune system, and improve the
length and quality of life. The majority of food that is available in supermarkets and 'regular'
food outlets are not the result of these preferred methods because the companies which control
the means of production are corporations guided by their mandate to make a profit for their
shareholders by selling at lowest cost to the greatest number of people. They operate on an
entirely different agenda. The health of the consumer is NOT their agenda. This means that just
because these products are available in stores, and have been a part of your tradition for a long
time does not mean that they are good for you. However, there are people and companies that are
committed to providing alternatives. From the pots we use to the foods we choose, to the plates
on which we serve them, the suggestions in the Paradise Project Shopping List reflect that
commitment to keeping you on the path to real food and real health."

According to The Ageless Adept:
“Perfect health, long life and eternal youth
are not the random genetic blessings of a chaotic or
capricious universe, but natural birthrights that can be
accessed through the mindful acceptance of simple truths,
activated by the committed practice of proven activities,
and sustained by advancement along a single known path.
This is that path.”
—The Ageless Adept 

-------------------------------- SUGGESTED READING LIST ------------

These books, websites and videos will change your whole
perspective on what is really happening with your health,
your food supply, your diet, and your ability to heal

>Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About Kevin Trudeau

>Diet for A New America by John Robbins

>Mad Cowboy

>Sugar Blues

>The Ageless Adept: Perfect health, long life and the fountain of youth by A Seeker

*This is by no means a comprehensive list, for more
details, visit www.saipanpreneur.com/coop


-------------------------------- FOOD PREPARATION ------------

REPLACE: Aluminum, non-stick pans, teflon-coated
WHY: Because aluminum causes Alzheimer's, and the chemicals used in non-stick pots and pans result in toxicity in the body.
MORE: a magnet will stick to a stainless steel pot; it will not stick to an aluminum pot

USE: lightly Steamed food
REPLACE: Deep frying in fat and oil, frying,
WHY: retains the enzymes and nutritional value of the food; reduces
acidity in the system which leads to free radical damage (i.e. cancer)
high cholesterol, risk of heart attacks, etc.

USE: Raw food, salads
REPLACE: overly cooked food
WHY: see above

USE: Environmentally friendly Detergents, Dishwashing liquid
REPLACE: non-bio degradable detergents
WHY: pollutes ground water and increases toxicity

-------------------------------- HOW TO EAT ------------
USE: Eat when hungry; perhaps one main meal per day
REPLACE: 3 or more meals per day
WHY: Eating just for habit stresses the body and doesn't allow
it to rest, heal and purge.

-------------------------------- WATER ------------

USE: Bottled, purified or distilled water
REPLACE: Tap water
WHY: reduce exposure to ecoli, fecal matter, heavy metals, ground water contamination

-------------------------------- SUGGESTED REPLACEMENTS ------------

USE: Sea salt (celtic sea salt)
REPLACE: table salt
WHY: Because table salt is processed and often contains sugar.
(Look at a typical box of table salt and you might see dextrose, sucrose
or some other sugar as part of the ingredients)

USE: Wheat flour, spelt flour
REPLACE: White flour
WHY: processed, white flour is stripped of its nutrients and causes
mucus build-up in the body.

USE: Organic maple syrup, honey, agave or stevia
REPLACE: white Sugar, artificial sweeteners
WHY: The greatest culprit in man's deteriorating health, children's hyperactivity,
hormone imbalance, diabetes and a host of other ills too numerous to mention here.

USE: Brown or wild rice
REPLACE: white rice
WHY: Just like white flour, white rice is stripped of its nutrients and causes
mucus build-up in the body.

USE: Millet, Quinoa
REPLACE: rice, potatoes
WHY: Millet and Quinoa are grains that you can use to add to your meal just
as you would use rice. They are high in protein and are not as acid-forming
as starchy rice, potatoes and pasta.

USE: Organic Fruits and Vegetables
REPLACE: mass market, supermarket fruits.
WHY: Organic fruits and vegetables have more nutrients and less pesticides
TIP: SKU numbers on the little stickers on
organic fruits start with the number "9."  All the fruits
you'll find on Saipan start with the number "4" which are
grown in the mass market, sprayed, non-organic way.
We understand that there are limited organic options on Saipan presently.
We'll be working to change this.

USE: Apple Cider Vinegar
REPLACE: Grain, white vinegar
WHY: Grain vinegar is very caustic to the system. Organic Apple Cider vinegar,
"Braggs" brand has tremendous curative and therapeutic benefits.

USE: Soy milk, Rice milk, Oat Milk
REPLACE: cow's milk
WHY: Just like processed white sugar, white rice, and white flour, milk aggravates
allergies, causes mucus buildup, makes the system acidic and contains tons of
the antibiotics, steroids and other chemicals injected into and fed to the cows.
There are many who believe that, taking a tip from nature, that no other animal
drinks the milk of another species. Picture yourself out in a field on all fours, suckling
at the udder of a cow, and you'll appreciate the abnormality of the concept.
TIP: check out www.notmilk.com

USE: Coconut oil
REPLACE: Canola or "vegetable" oil
WHY: If you must fry and cook your food, coconut oil retains its
molecular structure even at high temperatures. The breakdown of
other types of oils at high temperatures result in toxic build-up
of carcinogens (cancer causing agents) in the body. (Grapeseed oil
is another good alternative).

USE: Less meat or meat alternatives
WHY: Even your regular doctor will tell you that cutting down on meat
will reduce cholesterol and risk of heart attack. I'll save the
vegetarian discussion for another time! :-)

USE: dairy-free alternatives and substitutes

USE: wheat-free alternatives and substitutes

USE: pesticide-free alternatives

- Ecover Dishwaashing Liquid
- Braggs Liquid Amino
- Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar
- Hain Sea Salt

Spectrum Naturals
Newman's Own
Now Brand
Hain Sea Salt

IMPORTANT Meanwhile, this email is being sent to pretty much everyone I've met
here on Saipan. But I respect the fact that you didn't sign up to
receive health information from me, so THIS IS THE LAST EMAIL
YOU'LL RECEIVE unless you actually sign up to be on the Food Coop list
or unless you reply to this email and tell me to add you to the Coop List.


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